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Bob Hammer

Venture Partner | Lytical Ventures

Bob Hammer

Bob Hammer served as Commvault’s Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer for more than 20 years. Under his leadership, he transformed a small data protection company into an industry-leading powerhouse in all things data. In his words, “The core idea of the company never changed: the value is in the data.” Leading with philosophy of doing the right things for the company, its employees, customers, partners and shareholders, Bob achieved milestones many tech companies merely aspire to: zero debt, cash reserves and great technology and people. Through his intuition-based business style, Bob believes in taking bold risks first, then making adjustments to drive success.

His early career gave him the insight and leadership experience that would fuel his success at Commvault. He was a venture partner of the Sprout Group, the venture capital arm of Credit Suisse’s asset management business. He was chairman, president and chief executive officer of Norand Corporation, a portable computer systems manufacturer. During what could be described as the Model T era of the tech industry, Bob navigated Norand through its initial public offering. Bob also was chairman, president and chief executive officer of Telequest Corporation and Material Progress Corporation. He spent 15 years in various sales, marketing and management positions with Celanese Corporation, a structural composites materials business. Bob earned his bachelor’s degree and an M.B.A. from Columbia University.

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